The Law Office of

We offer a full service employment law, benefits, compensation and litigation practice, representing employers, professional organizations, academic institutions, individual executives and employees, and labor unions, including:


· Litigation and Arbitration


Our litigation expertise extends to the full range of labor and employment, employee benefits, wage and hour, contract and general commercial matters.  We litigate on behalf of individuals and employers in federal and state courts; before federal, state and local administrative agencies; and in formal and informal mediation and arbitration forums.


· Agreements, Equity Interests and Benefits


We prepare and negotiate employment agreements, separation agreements and releases.  For our individual clients, we help you evaluate your entitlements and claims under agreements, policies and plans, and help you to identify, evaluate and pursue rights and interests under stock option and other equity participation plans and agreements, incentive compensation plans, top hat plans and other employee pension and welfare benefits plans.


· Counseling, Compliance and Investigations


We assess your compliance with applicable labor and employment laws; provide compliance advice on a day-to-day basis as needed; develop employment policies; prepare, update, review and editing of employee manuals; investigate claims of sexual harassment and other allegations of workplace misconduct; and provide training and presentations to human resources representatives and employees about their legal obligations and proper workplace conduct.


· Confidential Information and Restrictive Covenants


We proactively assist employers in protecting their intellectual property and client information against inappropriate use or misappropriation through the preparation of appropriate agreements and, when necessary, litigation.  For our individual clients, we help you develop strategies for dealing with confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements in the formation of new employment relationships and businesses.  We both prosecute and defend against of claims of violation of restrictive covenants.


· Indemnification


We represent individual executives and employees in pursuing and obtaining the benefit of indemnification rights from their present or former employers when facing claims of wrongdoing arising from their employment, and we provide spirited defense or other representation as needed by indemnified parties.


· Labor Relations.


We have not forgotten the art and science of collective bargaining, grievance handling and the organizing process, and handle all aspects of union organizing matters, unfair labor practice claims, collective bargaining and grievance arbitration.